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Pink Sugar

The About Page 

The work-with-you rather than done -for-you power hour....

The place and time where YOU get your About Page done and learn some copy techniques you can use again.



We've had the power hour


The copy reviews

And we've done the Loom vids darlingsss...but now for something different...

Something new...


something special.....


something you'll truly benefit from...

In the past, it's been like this...


You bring your semi-done, lukewarm, weak-ass copy to the table and we work on it together, and I give you some tips and guidance on how it could be improved....


You go away, you work on it, I say well done and there we are....thank you very nicely and off you go and have a nice day now..

But how about something more

something tangible, where you actually learn skillz you can actually utilise on your website - skills you can use again on other web pages?

It's the gift that keeps on giving...

And at a fraction of what it would cost to hire me to do it for you

Where I actually show you how to set out, structure and write your About Page live in an hour...

Who has this been designed for?

You're a solopreneur ( I know..but it kind of describes perfectly the type of person I'm looking for - and yes I'm looking at you...👀)

You've been in business for around 3+ years, you're small but want to be bigger, but you're in no rush

You have an excellent grasp of grammar and punctuation, you can write, hell yes you can, but not professionally, as in you don't do it for a living...but you can string a few flowery sentences together. You just haven't learnt copywriting or been on any marketing courses

You speak excellent English but you're not necessarily a native language speaker

You know what a copywriter is and what they do and have a healthy respect for their craft

You have an About Page you're struggling with and you'd like to get it done well, but you don't have the budget for a trained, experienced copywriter right now.

That's where I come in people

You book and pay for your hour and then I email you what I want you to look at before starting

On the day I will have sent you a Google doc which we will be looking at together in that hour. 

We'll talk about what you need to look at, how to set up the page, and what kind of research you'll be doing.

I'll send you an email with a copy of the notes we've discussed. You'll go away and write it up and then send me a copy - this should take no longer than 7 days. If you can't do it in that time, then only book in when you can. We discuss what you've done after the 7 days are up, and where any improvements need to be made, or any tweaks or edits. That's it.

OR we could do the...

90-minute write-it-together-with-you-live session


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we write LIVE in a 90-minute session 

The methods for gathering information, data and structuring of the page will be the same, (email, google doc, then on video) but rather than send you away to write it yourself with feedback later, the difference here is that you'll write it with me the 90 minutes we have together. 

Oh yes,'ll be a 90-minute rollercoaster lesson and what you'll have at the end of it is a web page you can use on your website, tweak and edit at leisure, and utilise to sell your latest offer and provide your readers with an origin story so amazing they'll be eating out of your hands....and buying up your latest offer.


These two sessions are on a beta offer to four lucky people...

I want four for the 60-minute sessions and four for the 90 minutes, and if they're successful I'll book provide at this special price

It's on a first come first served basis...

You book in for the week starting 20th March 2023 and pay in advance 

Normally, for the 60 minute sessions where you work on the page yourself - it's £150, but for four lucky beta testers it'll be £100

For the 90-minute sessions where we write it together in the time we have, it'll normally be £250, but for two lucky beta testers it'll be £200

So, remember, if you have copy you want to write, need some help with, you want to get some ideas from me and you're ready to put the work in - book in

If you're not prepared to put in the time, or you simply can't right now, then perhaps I could recommend my done-for-you web pages starting at £350 

I'm only doing About Pages for now with this service, but who knows what I might offer in the future?? fluffy beta business hamsters 🐹 

Book today..




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