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Work Processes
How do I work?

Client fitting call This is to see if we’re a good fit and if we can work together. We probably can, but rather than go in blind, let’s have a chat first..... I mean - What kind of project is it? Am I the right person for you? If we hit it off and the project sounds like something I can truly help you with, then we can arrange another call.

Second 'concierge' call This call is a little longer, it’s what I sometimes call the ‘concierge call’ to fit in with the hotel theme, but really it’s just a call to assess what kind of data you have already, and the extent to which I need to carry out research of my own. This will determine the project’s length and in my email to you along with my proposal, I will let you know how long I think it’s going to take. I will usually give myself a few extra days to complete it on either end, in all likelihood, you’ll get it sooner. However, I think it’s important to allow for emergencies, so I don’t let you down. This second call will be for questions and answers - the who, what, where, and the call will be recorded, I’ll remind you of this and ask for your consent before we continue. I used to give clients a questionnaire, but now I ask all the questions in our interview so you can just talk to me live and then it’s all done. As mentioned earlier, you’ll get an email following our second call with the proposal, and the timeline. If you’ve already told me there’s a deadline for when you need the work, I will confirm in writing whether the deadline is feasible. However, I never take on a project if it isn’t. I’ll be available throughout the duration of the project via email and Voxer, which can transcribe all messages. I’m not usually available at weekends but if I see your message I will either message back directly or email you back on the next working day. I’m fairly flexible so don’t worry too much about that. But if I’m spending quality time with friends and family, it’s unlikely I’ll want to work. I’m sure you’re the same, but if it’s an emergency I’ll see what I can do.

How I do the work Once we’ve established what you need, what research is required and how I’m going to get it, I’ll start working. There’ll be a lot to do before the writing starts. Depending on what we’re working on, whether that’s web copy, one page or your origin story, mission and vision, I will need some data, customer data, market data, and everything you’ve collated so far. I may need to carry out interviews myself unless you’ve already done that. If you don’t have any voice of customer data that I can use for research there are other methods I can apply. I will do all this prior to starting the writing process. I will use google docs to write up the copy and then also create a wireframe. The wireframe is for you and the web designer to get a feel for how the copy can look on a page. It’s not intended as a final design the web designer must use. If something won’t work then your designer will possibly move it around until it does. All wireframes are greyscaled with no colour. They are for information purposes only and not as the final design for your website. The wireframe will be in pdf format, but you will be given the google doc version too, so you can use track change to place comments which I can edit later. You’ll be allowed two free edits before I apply a charge. I will ask at the beginning of our working relationship who is responsible for the review and feedback on the copy, and I would ask that we stick to that person or persons you’ve nominated so we’ll know where we are. This avoids confusion and any extra stress from the copy being sent around too many people/departments. You’ve heard of ‘too many cooks….’ well, that’s what we’re trying to avoid! Once you’re happy with the work it’ll be signed off and the intellectual copyright is now yours. That’s also on condition the invoice has now been settled in full. And that brings us to payment….

Invoicing You will be offered two different ways of paying, 50/50 or payment in full with a 10% discount. Work will not commence until you’ve paid in one of the ways suggested above. If you choose 50/50% - which is 50% upfront and 50% on satisfactory completion of the work, then you’ll be expected to have settled the deposit before work begins. Again, if you choose to pay in full with 10%, no work will commence until you’ve paid in full first. Keep in mind you are paying for far more than words alone. There is the research, the time taken to complete it, and as you can imagine, a lot that goes on behind the scenes to create any kind of copy for your business or any work on branding, your story, mission, vision etc. Just like there’s more to web design than creating pretty pages, and more to graphics than colouring in shapes. We all have to do a lot more than what we see on the surface. I’m here for you, and I will always go that extra mile, all I ask is that you have a budget set aside for copywriting projects and that you respect my time as I respect yours. I strive to create a white glove service for all my clients, and while we work together you will always be my priority, and your business will be every bit as important as my own.

**You can read up on my Terms and Conditions here for more information on payment terms etc.

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 Better copy. Tangible results. 

Work with me because I care.


Because I want your business to excel and prosper as much as you do, so let's do all we can to make that happen.


If it's not working right now let's find out why and make the copy work harder and better.


Need an origin story that tells it like it is or is the one you have not working?


Let's take a look at that. And while we're there, if your mission and vision are not as clearly expressed as you'd like them to be, we can improve on that too.


I'm the brand story strategist and about page queen you didn't know you needed.

Yep, that's conversion copy and brand origin story covered for SaaS companies everywhere. 

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