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Hi I'm Gill, a neurodivergent nerd with a deep, abiding love of books, a powerful imagination, and an uncanny ability to see the gold dust in the rubble, because my friend, the devil is in the detail.

A neurodivergent nerd with a deep, abiding love of books, a powerful imagination, and an ability to get lost in my own world and create new ones.

I was different, odd, and always felt like an outsider looking in on a world I didn’t fit into.

I quickly learnt to adapt to my surroundings by observing other people’s body language and facial expressions so I could be more ‘normal,’ and less ‘weird.’

It also helped me to navigate a world I didn’t always understand. Later it would give rise to my story and help me express the feelings of others through the power of words. 

I developed a keen sense of fight or flight through being able to spot patterns in people’s body language, and those invisible details in the unspoken that other people missed….

When was it safe to stay or go, when was it time to leave? My fight or flight response was on point by the time I was 6.

I was also the consummate actor, observer, your regular anthropologist, with the ability to understand with almost pinpoint accuracy the meaning behind every gesture, body movement, mannerism, facial expression - until I could predict what that person would do before they even knew it themselves. 

Special powers?  More like special interests - and it’s cool because I’ve acquired so much knowledge and information about all kinds of different subjects over the years that I’m a veritable walking encyclopaedia...

Special interests or powers, which word fits is entirely up to you, but it’s proved useful in many situations, and especially as a copywriter.

It wouldn’t lead to scientific discoveries or tech innovation - but it helped me to get through life reasonably unscathed, providing me with a deep and abiding curiosity that’s served me well in almost every job I’ve had.

Once I had my daughter to think about, I did the university thing, and then the teaching thing, and then I got a sensible job.

And then I left….

I nearly didn’t get out alive. I stuck it for 10 years, and when I could I ran. I took the money and ran, and then I sat and thought and deliberated, and then I went and did an MA in Creative Writing (standard) and then I became a copywriter….

I’ve spent half my life dodging in and out of sticky situations until it felt my entire life had become a tactical training exercise.

Warrior Mentality

You soon toughen up. I used what I learnt in life to write other people’s copy, by getting inside people’s heads, under their skin and understanding their needs. At least all that angst and worry came to good use..

About me, about you, your story, your brand, your message….

Now I help you get through the toughest part of your story. It’s the bit where you’ve written the book, the speech with a message, and you’re ready to tell it to the world - but you’re tired. You’re so exhausted you can barely lift your head from the desk, but lift it you must because there’s work to be done….

Take a break and come stay at The Story Hotel™, and you don’t have to feel like your life’s a tactical training exercise either, because I will do the tough stuff for you.

And who likes writing about themselves? You may be good at writing about your client’s troubles, other people’s problems, their pain points, your solutions, but perhaps when it comes to you - you’re stumped...or maybe you’re just too tired.

We need to dig deep and with pinpoint accuracy find the nuggets in the pan, the important parts of your greatest story that tell it like it is - without falling for fool's gold or delving into mawkish over-sentimentality and stuff that simply isn’t relevant.

You see, you want people to be hooked, to be transfixed by what you have to say - not confused, unamused, repelled or just completely miffed. 

Otherwise, they’ll move on.

And if they move on, you lose out. 

You don’t get the second, third or fourth book deal

You don’t get any speaking engagements 

Nobody hears your message or identifies you as the expert YOU KNOW you are.

And that’s a shame, it really is, all because you didn’t have the time to do it justice, or because you were just too damned tired.

I’m more than happy to take on the reins for you. It’s all about finding those relevant little nuggets and creating a story, the most important one of all, about you.

Ready to get started and get your bio down?

If you’re ready for your stay, The Story Hotel has all your bio needs, whether you’re an author, a speaker, or perhaps both.

There’s a room for either, whether it’s a standard or luxury suite for an author or a standard or luxury suite for the speaker in you, or maybe you just want the media room, I have something you’ll like.

So come and put your feet up and relaaax,

and sell more books and book more clients...

The Story Hotel is OPEN so let's get you settled in.

Just fancy working with me for the day?

Well, you can have a cheeky day or two if you don’t want me for an entire project, my day rates are available and you can hire me for a day - where we’ll get deep down and dirty on what you’ve created so far and polish it till it shines.

Want hints and tips on running a business and how to improve your copy?




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