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".....this stuff is excruciatingly difficult if you haven’t got the skills, experience and intuitive flair Gillian has"

Hi I'm Gill, a neurodivergent nerd with a deep, abiding love of books, ideas and random facts, a powerful imagination, and an uncanny ability to see where you're going wrong and how I can put it right, because my friend, the devil is in the detail.

"If you’re struggling to find focus and clarity in your marketing, Gillian will strip everything right back to create the content that best reflects you and your business."

I was an odd child, different, but with a passion for detail, pattern and books

But then I grew into this person who inhales information and absorbs hidden details - now I realise what an advantage it is to be me


Back then I quickly learnt to adapt to my surroundings by observing other people’s body language and facial expressions so I could be more ‘normal,’ and less ‘weird.’


It helped me to navigate a world I didn’t always understand. 

I developed a keen sense of fight or flight through being able to spot patterns in people’s body language, and those invisible details in the unspoken that other people missed….


When was it safe to stay or go, when was it time to leave? My fight-or-flight response was on point by the time I was 6.


I was also the consummate actor, observer, your regular anthropologist, with the ability to understand with almost pinpoint accuracy the meaning behind every gesture, body movement, mannerism and facial expression - until I could predict what that person would do before they even knew it themselves. 

Special powers?  More like special interests - and it’s cool because I’ve acquired so much knowledge and information about all kinds of different subjects over the years that I’m a veritable walking encyclopaedia...


Special interests or powers, polymath or multipotentialate - which word fits is entirely up to you, but it’s proved useful in many situations, especially now as a copywriter, where research, a love of data and an incalculable thirst for knowledge come in VERY in handy.


It wouldn’t lead to scientific discoveries or tech innovation (I'm more interested in your tech innovation, to be honest) - but it helped me to get through life reasonably unscathed, providing me with a deep and abiding curiosity that’s served me well in almost every job I’ve had.


Now you get the very best of me on your projects and your timeline. I have the words and the tactics, you bring your story and your ambition.


 I use what I've learnt in life and in work, at college and in business, to write other people’s copy, by getting inside people’s heads, under their skin and understanding their needs. 

Now I help you get through the toughest part of your story. It’s the bit where you’ve created that innovative piece of software that will revolutionise your industry, and you’re ready to give it to the world and sell it. Your origin story is more important than you realise - and once we've tackled that bit, and your mission and vision, let's get started on creating copy for your website, copy that converts into sales, so you get RESULTS.


But first, we need to dig deep and with pinpoint accuracy to find that one true origin story, the important parts of your greatest journey so far that tells everyone why your company is the one to go with - without delving into stuff that simply isn’t relevant.

After that, we can go for the big, converting copy that will bring the readers, your target audience. 


You see, you want to stand tall amongst the competition and stand out in a saturated industry - it's not enough to just give them the facts, they want the story behind the invention, the sweat and the pain before the creation.


And then you need the copy - and I can give you BOTH.

You don't need a brand story expert and THEN a conversion copywriter.

Why not have 2 for the price of 1?

Ready to get started and get your brand story, and your copy down?


and make sure your business, your products, and your services, stand out for all the right reasons

My FREE About Page Guide is available HERE

"She's a genius and you're missing out if you don't work with her."




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