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We create copy that attracts, converts - and gets results

And we’re coming together to give YOUR website double the chance of success

Increase your reach, maximise your influence and increase your prospects with not one, but two copywriters.

For certified expertise in conversion copy and a proven track record in SEO copywriting.

What if I told you that not one but two copywriters, both well-practised in their areas of expertise, we're coming together with a limited-time deal offer to give you banging website copy that covers everything you need to get your website to convert? To convert readers into prospects into buyers? Good right? In a competitive market, you need a copywriter who helps generate leads for your business. Whatever business you’re in, we can help improve your copy using proven SEO and conversion copywriting techniques that help deliver your message clearly and without jargon to your intended audience. Now you have double the expertise in one powerful package.


What do you get?

For a limited time, we’re offering 5 pages of keyword-optimised conversion copy, for a special, all-inclusive price. Our offer includes: Competitor research Competitor research helps us determine what differentiates your business and how you stand out in your market. We’ll look at the current trends in your industry and identify any you may have missed. And we’ll look at your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in comparison to your own business. Voice of Customer research Using this method of research helps us to understand your customers better because what they say about your products or services helps you to attract more prospects. What are their struggles, what do they need, what are their problems, and how can you serve them better? We use the customer’s words and feed them directly into the copy or sometimes we’ll use them as quotes. This can resonate on a deeper level with readers who visit your website and read about your latest offer. Voice of customer research is carried out in a number of different ways. For this project we will look at things people have said in reviews on your products sites such as Amazon, Reddit and Quora, because this is where prospects talk about their problems in more detail, and how products and services have helped provide solutions. This is especially important if you don’t have much data of your own. We will also ask you for any customer data you’ve collected yourself over the course of the past year or so and this may include testimonials and any market research you’ve carried out.

And get double the expertise at your fingertips...

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Want copy that converts into sales?


Jenny Lucas will meticulously research your SEO keywords to find the terms your ideal customers are searching for online.

She'll then make sure your website is optimised correctly, providing everything you need so those ideal customers can find you more easily on Google.

The magical conversion writing stuff 🔥

Your optimised conversion copy will include:

I (that's me on the right) will craft the magical conversion copy to sell your product or service. 


This will include:


  • Dynamic copy formulas, where appropriate

  • Tried and tested conversion techniques

  • Voice of the customer within the body copy to encourage engagement and provide value.


Image by Joe Woods

This is a golden opportunity to completely turn around your website and make it work for you. 


This means your website will:


  1. Be easier to find on Google via first-class SEO keyword research

  2. Cut the jargon and speak to your target audience in a language they understand

  3. Be filled with power-packed words that will grab attention and make your readers take action.


All this for £2,500

If you want copy that converts, then 



Pay upfront for a 10% discount

Or 50/50%



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