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"I wasn't familiar with Gillian's work but she was referred to me by my network, and I’m very pleased to have her help us revamp our brand story and message.  With some quick, careful questioning and thoughtful research, she was able to help us elevate our brand story quickly and easily - very pleased!" 

Andy Hayes 

Plum Deluxe Teas, 

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Wow! Wow, wow! Hire this girl, NOW! It's like Gillian went inside my brain and learned everything she could about me for my About page. I'm in love with it. She captured my quirkiness, my passions, my desire to be the best copywriter, the clients I want to attract and work with... she didn't skip a beat. She got the language right -- and I'm a copywriter so am especially picky! But she nailed it... and on the first round! If you're on the fence, get off and land on the side where Gillian is waiting for you to write an About page you won't ever want to replace.

Amy Remark, Conversion Copywriter


“Writing your own bio or about page is hard - that’s why you should hire Gillian to do it for you! She creates incredible copy that not only shows your experience and skills, but also your personality. If you don’t want the same boring bio as everyone else, hire Gillian!”

Jenn Robbins, Conversion Copywriter


Gillian did a great job of writing the copy and the story behind the Acemarks brand. We needed a lot of help with the story side of things because we weren’t attracting the kind of customer we wanted to reach. 

We wanted to truly focus our brand on a particular type of customer and we needed to start with the origin story and mission first before we went ahead with anything else. Wer had to start at the beginning before going forwards.

She took the time to understand how we could take our brand values, our story and the research we’d already done, as well as her own, and turn it into something truly amazing. She captured our voice, and our story, explaining it in a way that would resonate with our target audience. She really stepped up and delivered something truly unique that we could utilise in our website copy.

Julian Gonzalez

 Marketing Director



Gillian has the uncanny ability to see greatness in you and your business even when you can’t. Her questionnaires are designed to pull out all the information she needs to create a drool-worthy About Page - one that not only portrays you as the expert that you are but also one that converts into clients. If you’re unhappy with your About Page or have tried writing it yourself only to give up - hire Gillian. She’s the secret ingredient your About Page is missing!

Samar Owais, Email Copywriter

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"I've worked with Gillian several times now within my copywriting agency. Each time, she's exceeded expectations. She really listens to the client's desired outcomes and is able to craft email sequences that seamlessly transition from the client's free offer to the paid promotion. Plus, she always meets deadlines and is reliable to the core - a very valued trait in this industry! I highly recommend Gillian's copywriting services." -

Sara Anna Powers, Founder, The Congruent Life, LLC

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